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People have many reasons they decide to sell a home and also many avenues by which they can do so.  Often, however, homeowners sell to us because they want a fast solution to their challenges and they know we can help them in a timely manner and with minimal effort on their part.  There are as many reasons to sell as there are home owners however, we are usually called on to assist in the following situations:

Trust/Probate- Many times a home owner will pass away leaving ownership to an individual or group of individuals who now have to take over management of or otherwise dispense with the property.  The new owner (or owners) may not have the experience or the time to manage the property or perhaps they don’t even live here in San Diego.  In such cases we can help take over this burden for the new owners.

Foreclosure- Although the housing crisis mainly been resolved, there still are people that find themselves in difficult circumstances where they are no longer able to make payments.  We know how hard and emotional it can be to face losing your home.  We can help you to explore the various ways of escaping foreclosure.

Absentee Owner- San Diego is a military town and for this and many other reasons people find themselves living somewhere other than in “America’s Finest City” and owning property here.  Oftentimes this is not a viable situation long term and owners turn to us for help.

Poor Condition- Older homes present a lot of challenges and often require a lot of repair to list or to sell.  Many times these expenses are beyond what the owner wants to or can spend.  With our extensive construction experience we can step in and purchase the home and take on the burden of rehabbing the property.

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